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''I am currently out of office with no access to emails. You may follow this blog to see what awesome time I have''

Welcome to my blog!

I am Elif, 30 something years old, from Istanbul, currently living in Berlin. I quit my cubicle job in 2016 because I ran out of vacation days. I spent 6 years working for a big bank, having only 14 days of vacation days per year. So as the travel addict that I am, I became a pro in organizing short but effective trips to be able to see as much places as possible. This went on for quite a while until I literally went out of vacation days plus I owed the company another 19 days in extra days I took. Oops..


At the end my boss told me that I had to wait until next year so I said whatever and finally quit. 

But turns out somebody needs to pay the bills so I returned to working full time again after a 1.5 year gap. But this did not stop me from using every opportunity I had to travel. 

So I am sorry to disappoint you, my story is not one of those "I quit my job and travel the world and make money by doing it" stories. But I am here to show you that you can still travel a lot even if you have a full time job with limited vacation days.

On this blog you will find everything from my recent trips, travel tips, life in Berlin and a lot of travel inspiration.

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