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10 Signs that you are a 'travel addict'

Hi my name is Elif, I am a Travel Addict!

Jokes aside, addiction is a serious problem. And travel addiction is a real thing. I mean of course everyone loves vacation, except those crazy workaholics I'll never get. You are not normal dear workaholic, go seek help!

But some of us love vacation a little bit too much. So much it possesses your thoughts all the time. Some of you know what I mean. The constant feeling to want to escape reality, the love you have for planes and airports and always making new plans for new destinations...

Don't listen to those who tell you to save money instead, buy a house, or postpone your travels cause 'you can always go another time'. Bullshit if you ask me! Travel as much as you can, as soon as you can. The younger you are the better. Things you buy won't make you richer but travelling will. Spoken like a real addict :)

Now here are some serious signs that might make you a travel addict. If some of those points apply to you go buy a ticket immediately, you will feel better instantly :) For some inspiration where to go click here.

1) You open airlines websites as soon as you get to work and check them several times during the day in ordern not to miss any offers.

2) You know about discount offers before the airline newsletter reaches you

3) Your mailbox is full of plane ticket and hotel bookings with 'free cancellation' option. Just in case :)

4) You don't go shopping or eat out just to be able to buy that plane ticket

5) You make new travel plans while on vacation

6) You keep asking you boss for extra days off

7) You keep mentally harassing your loved ones to go on vacation with you

8) Your social media profile only exists on vacation

9) Your pet has a passport and travels with you if no ones around to watch him/her.

10) You hear sentences like 'How do you travel this often? Where do have the money from? You are pissing me off, don't travel this much!' and so on, a lot.


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