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Al Fresco Dubai - White Truffle Lunch

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

After a day at the beach we returned to our hotel, Crowne Plaza Dubai, to check out. Since we where quite hungry we decided to have Lunch there before leaving. We chose the 'Italian Option' Al Fresco.

The menu consists of typical yummy Italian options but we where told that they have a special seasonal White Truffle Menu to celebrate the beginning of White Truffle season we decided to try it. To be honest I wouldn't say that I am en expert on Fine Dining but I know I love truffle :)

The restaurant has an indoor area and a small outdoor area which we chose. It was nice but a bit outdated. After the first course arrived I forgot all about the restaurant and just keep admiring my starter. It was one of those plates where you don't want to destroy it. Really every plate was a piece of art and you could see the effort behind it.

The chef, Nicolas Herbault, came to our table to explain the menu and talked us through every course. He was really nice and it was great to know the person who was behind those gorgeous plates. He also prepared an alternative option for me since I can't eat chicken which was really considerate.

The menu had 4 courses which of course all included white truffle. My personal favorite where the beetroot gnocchi. We also loved the main course but where so full at that moment that we couldn't finish :(

So overall Al Fresco really went beyond our expectations. If you're up for really good Italian food you should definitely give it a try. They also offer regularly seasonal menus like the White Truffle Menu.

Foie Gras
Beetroot Gnocchi
Chicken breast

Monte Biancho

outdoor seating


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