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My Top 10 travel moments

Traveling means seeing new places, learning about new cultures and just having a good time. But on top that it's all about collecting memories. Memories that will shape who you are, memories that you will remember for the rest of your life, memories that bring you closer to your travel partner. Although all travel memories, good or bad, are great but there are some moments that are more special than others. I remember them after years and they instantly put a big smile on my face. That's when I realize it's always worth to spend that extra money on new adventures rather than buying that new Gucci bag. The bag will go out of style eventually but the moments you collect will last forever. So here are my Top 10 memorable moments during my travels. What are your best travel highlights? Don't forget to comment :)

Jazz in Chicago

I think this one is on top of my list. I don't know why but the moment I entered Green Mill Club I felt like I have traveled back in time and I never wanted to leave. I will return to Chicago just for this.


Obviously honeymoons are great. It was the most relaxing holiday I've ever had and after all the wedding trouble it was like we were teenagers again :) Click here for more on the honeymoon.

Quad tour in Cappadocia

Cappadocia should be on every travellers bucket list. The landscape is just breathtaking, so was our 2 hour Quad trip through the valleys of Cappadocia. It was the perfect way to spend our first wedding anniversary. Click here for more Cappadocia impressions.

Just sitting at Bryant Park

Yes that's right I like to sit in Bryant Park and do nothing. Just me and my coffee. New York is my happy place and I could spend hours just sitting there, watching the people, drink coffee, listen to the noise. It just makes me happy. I think I watched too much Sex and the City :)

Rafting and Zip Line in Phuket

It was my first time Rafting, and I was going to do it in Thailand. Usually I am a very concerned person, running each horrible scenario in my head. What if something happens and there is no hospital, is the personnel well trained, what if the line brakes, what about safety regulations (what regulations?) etc etc. But then I thought when are you going to do it if not now. ı don't know if it was the getting out of your comfort zone thing or the fact that we had a day of fun but it was a day I will always remember.

He proposed, in Paris!!

I know I know sounds cheesy but Paris was the first trip we went on together and getting that proposal in the same city after 8 years was just great :)

Boat trip in Greece

Ok it was more like a mini boat but cruising around Corfu and Paxos, exploring great bays just the two of us was just one of our most memorable trips.

Roundtrip in South France

Our Cote D'Azur road trip in 2015 was just amazing. It was our first visit to the South of France and we instantly fell in love. We rented a Fiat 500 and drove through every little village from Monaco to St Tropez. It was a great trip.

Sunset in Miami

We decided to watch the sunset from South Pointe Park but we were not prepared for this. The sky was literally on fire.

Having a Gin & Tonic on the 61st floor in Bangkok

I always was a fan of big skyscrapers and the big city lights. The Vertigo & Moonbar in Bangkok was exactly my thing.


rajesh jat
rajesh jat
May 14, 2022




rajesh jat
rajesh jat
May 14, 2022

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