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Where to stay in Brooklyn? - The Hoxton

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

This was my 8th time in New York but I never really explored Brooklyn. This time we spent a couple of days in the super hip neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn and stayed at the brand new The Hoxton Hotel. Sounds familiar? The Hoxton is a super cool hotel brand from Europe with locations in London, Paris, Portland and Amsterdam. The Williamsburg branch is the brands first US location and they did good. Let me tell you a bit more about our stay here.

We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a Manhattan view room which was the absolute highlight of our trip. There is nothing more exciting and empowering than waking up with a view over the Manhattan skyline with the iconic Empire State Building right in the center of it. There are two types of room: Cosy and Roomy. We stayed at one of the cosy rooms which are as advertised super cozy. Don't expect a huge room but you can count on a really classy and cool design. The room has everything you need: A super comfy king sized bed with really cool sheets (never saw this in a hotel before), a big TV, little closet, working desk and a coffee boiler for coffee and tea in the morning. Not to mention a really fancy bathroom. The Roomy rooms are a bit bigger I believe. both room types are available with or without the Manhattan view but I really would recommend you to book a room with a view, it's really worth it!!

What's included in the room rate? Again something I never saw in other hotels, The Hoxton includes 1 hour international calls in the room rates. So you can call your family and friends and tell them everything about your time in New York. Isn't this a cute idea? Furthermore the so called 'Little Breakfast Bag' is part of the deal. A little paper bag where you order your breakfast for the next day, which includes a breakfast pot, juice and a banana (although they forgot my Breakfast Pot and then let me know that they were out of it that day). It's nothing big but a great way to get some energy in the morning. The bags are delivered to your doorstep at your desired time and you don't have to wake up for it. Perfect for people like us who hate the breakfast deadlines in hotels. If you are still hungry. there are plenty of breakfast options like Avocado Toast or Eggs at Klein's, the hotels restaurant and bar on the ground floor.

The hotels location is great, located in the heart of Williamsburg, just 2 blocks away from Bedford Street subway station and many dining options. The building itself is the former Rosenwach factory. What I also really loved and would definitely recommend you to do is taking the ferry to Manhattan. The ferry terminal is just a short walk away from the hotel and you get a panoramic tour along Manhattans skyline and the Two Bridges (Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge). So much more fun than taking the subway and for the same price. Either way, it is very easy and quick to get to Manhattan. I actually really enjoyed to come back to a calm place after a whole day of Manhattan crowds and hustle. Also Williamsburg and other neighborhoods of Brooklyn are definitely worth a cross over the East River.

The hotel has a rooftop bar which is open during warmer months and I can imagine drinks up there on a warm summer evening with a view over Manhattan will be epic. So I hope to be back again some day to experience the rooftop myself. Since we where there around the Christmas season we had the chance to see 'The Domes'. Three cosy winter domes where you can enjoy a lovely dinner. They will be there until February 25, 2019. Make sure to book in advance.

All in all we had a really memorable time staying at The Hoxton Williamsburg and will be for sure staying again in one of their lovely locations. They also have announced some new locations in Los Angeles, Chicago and Southwark.

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