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Flight between Mahe and Praslin - Seychelles

When you are visiting the Seychelles you will most probably visit several islands. If you are planning to visit Praslin island, which by the way you should!, you have the option to either take a plane or a ferry. So what is the best way to get from Mahe to Praslin? Read here all about our 1 week Seychelles itinerary.

After long research we decided to take the plane. Although the ferry is the slightly cheaper option, it is certainly not the more convenient.

Air Seychelles offers several flights per day between Mahe and Praslin. the flight itself only takes 15 minutes and is done with small DHC-6 Twin Otter-400 Series planes with a passenger capacity of just 18 people.

If you book early one way ticket prices are as low as 70 Euro per person. You can book your flights online directly with Air Seychelles and also checkin online 24 hours before your flight and choose your seats. I recommend either row 1 for views on the cockpit or row 7 for extra leg room.

After arriving at Mahe International Airport the domestic terminal is just a few steps away. You can collect your boarding passes at the Air Seychelles counter and also drop off your luggage. You have a 23kg checked baggage plus 5kg hand luggage allowance per person. So the whole process is super smooth and easy and you will save the taxi cost and transportation time to to the ferry terminal.

The plane ride itself is a whole experience in itself. The accompanying views are just breathtaking. Plus you do not have to worry about seasickness which is a real possibility on the 1 hour ferry ride between Mahe and Praslin.

Overall I can only recommend that you chose flying with Air Seychelles between Mahe and Praslin. It is definitely worth the little price difference. Make sure to book in advance to get the best prices!

Praslin plane Air Seychelles
Take off from Praslin

Read here all about our 1 week Seychelles itinerary.



Love your blog :) My last trip was to Japan, the next one will be the Seychelles (including a flight to Praslin). You mention the weight limit of 5 kg for the hand baggage, do you know if there is a also size limit for the hand baggage?

Elif Adali
Elif Adali

Hey! Thanks so much :) Actually there is no specific measurement mentioned but it says the following on the website. The plane is quite small and there are no overhead bins so it should be a bag that fits under the seat in front of you. So definitely no carry ons.

"All checked baggage must not exceed the maximum size of 90cm (height) x 75cm (width) x 43cm (depth), must be properly packed and labelled as appropriate.

Acceptable hand baggage will include either a handbag, laptop bag, slim-line backpack or briefcase."

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